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General Dentistry in San Antonio

Most dental concerns and emergencies are preventable. By facilitating proactive care and early intervention, you can not only reduce the cost of dental services in the future but maintain your natural teeth for a lifetime.
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Preventative Care Appointments

To keep your smile healthy, we recommend a preventative checkup every six months. During your visit, we’ll complete a thorough exam to screen for issues such as weak enamel, compromised restorations, bone loss and gum disease. Should any concerns be noted, we’ll bring them to your attention and discuss what options are available to reverse or treat them.

Our hygienist will perform a preventative cleaning and polish to remove any plaque, tartar buildup or surface stains. You’ll get to enjoy a “blank slate” to get you back on track. If there are any specific areas of gum inflammation or infection, she will also discuss a modified oral hygiene routine to care for those spaces more effectively.

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Common General Dentistry Procedures

  • Oral Cancer Screenings - Hard to diagnose conditions such as oral cancer can be difficult to identify on your own. We screen for precancerous and irregular tissues during every dental exam. The best treatment for oral cancer starts with an early diagnosis.
  • Diagnostic X-rays - Digital dental X-rays allow us to screen for concerns like cysts, cavities, bone loss and impacted teeth. They offer a crucial insight into spaces that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Digital imaging uses approximately 90% less radiation than traditional equipment.
  • Sports Mouthguards - Custom-fitted sports mouthguards can reduce you or your child’s risk of a concussion, broken or knocked-out teeth. Professionally made appliances offer the best level of protection.
  • Limited / Comprehensive Exams - Dental exams are crucial to maintaining oral health. Our team performs limited and comprehensive exams that reveal potential issues and prevent problems like cavities and gum disease.
  • Periodontal Gum Therapy - Our dentists provide crucial treatment for gingivitis and periodontal disease. We know how to get results and improve your situation – no matter the severity of your condition. You can trust us for gum-saving care.
  • Fillings - Nobody wants a cavity – but they happen. If we discover one, we will make an appointment to place a filling or do so on the same day. We offer a range of options, and we work quickly and efficiently, ensuring you don’t miss work or social functions.

Working Together to Get Your Smile Back to Healthy

The health of your smile impacts every aspect of your life. From your diet to your self-confidence, the integrity of your teeth goes much deeper than just the way you look. We take the time to help tailor your care experience in a way that promotes optimal oral wellness for the years and decades ahead.

Each care plan is tailored to the individual—you and your family—to meet their needs and priorities. As we get to know and build a relationship with you, we can better facilitate the dental care you deserve.

Quality Without Question

Our private practice offers the comprehensive family dentistry you’re looking for. We’re not a hustle and bustle corporate chain. Contact us today to schedule your next checkup.
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General Dentistry in San Antonio, TX

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